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Production process

Each sleeper has an average weight of around 330 kilos and ANTRASA’s sleeper production process is a closed cycle with the following stages:

  • Visual inspections of the moulds to be used in manufacturing.
  • Preparation of the mould with the application of the release agent, positioning of the sheaths, reinforcement, active reinforcement structure (steel rods) and tensioning.
  • Filling of the moulds with concrete with a special dosage and vibration of the moulds on a vibrating table.
  • Thermal curing of the pieces of concrete in curing ovens which reach a suitable temperature and level of humidity to ensure that they set through a controlled and automatic cycle, as established by the ET Standard.
  • De-tensioning of the moulds and transference of the tension to the active reinforcements (the tension passes from the steel rods to the concrete).
  • Overturning of the moulds for the pieces to be demoulded.
  • Positioning of the track-fastening components (lag bolts, support plates and clips) and visual surface inspection.
  • Palleting of sleepers in batches of 20 and shipping of the batches to be stored so that they can be matured and shipped.
  • Storage in the main stockpile.
  • Shipping by rail or lorry using a gantry crane.
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