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Andaluza de Traviesas S.A

Andaluza de Traviesas S.A. (ANTRASA) is a company whose main business activity is the production of prestressed concrete sleepers for railway lines in its Production Centre in the town of Espeluy. It has the shareholder backing of a group of businessmen from Andalusia, with a proven track record in various economic sectors, who are strongly committed to this project. Despite being a young company, established recently, it has already made huge steps, having produced over 500,000 units by the year 2009, after starting its commercial activity in April 2007.

Quality is a concept which is of particular importance for activities which require such specialised technology as that which is used in the production of precast concrete sleepers. ANTRASA’s image and management are closely tied to this policy of total improvement and it is committed to ensuring total quality management for the entire company.

The determination to continue growing marks the history of our company, which aligns itself with the corporate social responsibility guidelines which define modern companies. This commitment requires ethical behaviour in all areas and the need to communicate with all players (clients, suppliers, employees, institutions and society in general).


ANTRASA was established as a company which produces sleepers for railways with an initial investment of approximately 10 million euros. The initial drive behind it was the desire of a group of businessmen from Andalusia to complement the region’s industrial framework, with production beginning in April 2007 with a production capacity greater than 550,000 units per year.


ANTRASA wants to be recognised as a competitive and accomplished business so that it can become a leading company in its sector and in the community of which it is a part, thus contributing towards this community’s social development through its participation in socio-cultural and sporting activities. Therefore its management is based on the following values:

Commitment to technology

Sleepers for railways and underground railways are high technology products, not only because of the materials used but also because of the thorough quality controls. It is therefore necessary to incorporate the latest advances in technology and invest in innovation.

Commitment to quality in business matters

ANTRASA's management methods are based on quality and ethics, which are applied throughout the production process: from the planning of production activities according to the client’s deadlines and requirements; the self-monitoring of the quality of raw materials and finished products; being involved in the management of administrative process; and applying it to the human resources policy, which is the greatest asset among its human capital. Innovation and Research

ANTRASA is committed to innovation as its governing principle in this constantly evolving environment; it has therefore developed R+D projects which, one the one hand, enable it to optimise the products which it is currently producing and, on the other, research new products.