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The Production Centre of ANTRASA is in this district of Jaén Espeluy (Ctra. A-6076 km.6, margen derecho. 23628, Espeluy Railway Station) and it is on a 25 hectare site, of which its production plant, of 5870m2, its two storage areas for finished products, for 180,000 and 100,000 units respectively, its railway siding which is connected to ADIF’s general track and its road link to the A-6076 road which connects to the A-44 highway are worth highlighting. They all ensure that we enjoy a strategic location with rail links with the Centre, Levante, Extremadura and Andalusia and some excellent road links.

Regarding its installations, the following equipment is particularly outstanding:

  • Reception of raw materials: internal transport components; concrete production plant with mixer and storage silos and weighbridge; hoppers to receive aggregate; conveyor belts for aggregate and an aggregate dosing unit.
  • Production of active reinforcement: generatrix machines.
  • Preparation of moulds and concrete works: release agent application system; tensioning systems; concrete-filling system using a buffer hopper and dosing system; automatic curing control; vibrating table.
  • Sleeper curing: curing system using an electric heating system; gantry crane.
  • Demoulding of sleepers: prestress transfer system; demoulding system.
  • Laboratory: to carry out tests and analyses on products and raw materials, and to guarantee that the quality parameters of the product are met.
  • Production control: exterior bridge crane; press for static testing of sleepers; press for test-tube testing of concrete; tools and equipment for geometric testing of the sleepers.

The Espeluy Production Centre currently has a technical production capacity of over 550,000 per year, should our clients need it, and can ship over 4500 sleepers a day, either by trains with several platforms or by several lorries with platforms.

Click on the image to see the installations