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The staff in ANTRASA’s team is trained in the specific processes which enable it to perform its work.

The company is organised into three Areas, with the Management Area being the core which is responsible for the Organisation and Administration Areas.

Management Area:

Management includes the Company Directors, who are directly responsible for the Quality Assurance Department, thus ensuring that it is independent from other areas of the company.

Operations Area:

This area includes the Production, Maintenance and Sales departments.

Administration Area:

The aim of the Administration Area is to finance the goods and the financial and administrative services of the company.

Organisation chart

Managing DirectorManaging Director :
José Antonio López Mata

Quality Assurance and Auditing Department: José Manuel Ortega

Sales Department

Administration Department :
Encarna Caballero:ecaballero@antrasa.com

Production and Maintenance Department:
Sergio Jiménez

Shipping Department Shipping Department :
José Lerma :jlerma@antrasa.com